The grazing light of NAIL outlines paths, transforming corridors, stairs and paths into the protagonists of our daily life. Four lighting alternatives, the luminaire is available in different finishes. Designing using light means to raise spaces, integrating areas that satisfy different needs, with different lighting requirements, integrating them in the same architecture. NAIL PRO suggests a direction by lighting the space in a clear and precise way.

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Available configuration
Types of light emission
Certificates and requirements
  • 05 stainless
Technical drawings
Download Version Code Dimensions Lamp Lumen 2700K Lumen 3000K Lumen 4000K Light beam Power supply
NAIL PRO 1 07.104038 Ø80mm LED 4W 440 475 510 .AS 24 VDC
NAIL PRO 2 07.104039 Ø80mm LED 4W 440 475 510 .AS 24 VDC
NAIL PRO 3 07.104040 Ø80mm LED 4W 440 475 510 .AS 24 VDC
NAIL PRO 4 07.104041 Ø80mm LED 4W 440 475 510 .AS 24 VDC

Luminaire designed for recessed installation on walls, floors. Suitable for power LED sources for step-marker grazing light. Its body is made of Anticorodal alluminium submitted to anodizing treatment and AISI 316L stainless steel to guarantee durability over time and maximum resistance against atmospheric agents. The installation can be done under a pressure on a special casing in plastic material. The protection degree IP67 is ensured by a special waterproof cable gland system and silicone gaskets. The integrated LED driver allows its power at 24VDC. It is equipped with a 50cm long neoprene cable for connection to the power supply line, through appropriate waterproof connection systems not included. Remote power supply not included.