The power of the Group with the individual specialization!

is a group established with the specific purpose of encouraging and increasing the spread of the culture of light in the world of public and private lighting. Primarily engaged in the public lighting markets, over the years it has acquired several companies and exclusive synergistic brands, through which it now holds important market shares on the national and international scenario. Here are some brief notes on the expertise of the specific companies and brands that are now part of the Padirama Group.
Sme Illuminazione is a leader in the production of street and urban LED lighting fixtures, capable of obtaining high levels of performance in the face of high system efficiencies.
Ital Pole Distribution is a distribution and marketing company of street lighting poles made entirely of anodized aluminum, 100% recyclable, passive safety and made in fully eco-sustainable sites.
Light At Motion is a distribution company created to manage and distribute all LAM32 and minimuMaximum Brand products on an international scale. These highly specialized products of excellent quality now known and recognized throughout the world.