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From Golden Section to product

The perception and the Golden Section use are a crucial issue in design. Present in everything in nature and interpreted by Leonardo Da Vinci, during the Renaissance it influenced many world-famous artists and architects who proportioned their works according to the Golden Ratio. The Ratio is in fact manifested in various works of art that have been praised by the world as unique and timeless masterpieces.
Analyzing the typical geometries used in the different cultures of the world, it is evident that Western aesthetics is based on the orthogonal shape while the aesthetics of the Eastern and Middle Eastern world is based on the logarithmic triangle.
Although very different from each other, each geometry used in the different cultures still respects the "Phi" ratio of the Golden section.
We can therefore say with certainty that Perception and the use of the Golden Section are also crucial issues in lighting design.

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Lam32 meets the different cultures of the world and gives the way for a new history of light.
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