LAM32 is one of the partners of e-QBO project, an independent and connected contemporary multifunctional architecture that has been chosen by ICE (Italian Trade Agency) to represent Italy at the World Future Energy Summit.
e_QBO is a project with a pure and essential shape of a high aesthetic and functional impact thought by the architect Romolo Stanco to answer to exigencies coming from all the contemporary cities with a look to the future.
e-QBO is a able to accumulate energy thanks to its photovoltaic “skin” and to give it back in the form of services for domestic and public users: power source of every interior service asking for electricity, urban lighting, audio and video interactive communication, data capture and return, wi-fi connection and free energy for recharging of electronic tools and electric vehicles.
e-QBO is made of a 5x5x5 meters structure on which are mounted frameless photovoltaic panels. The panels, produced in glass with a black backsheet, cover the four sides of the structure and are spaced out by an outdoor LED tools path exclusively developed ad hoc by LAM32 that took care of the outdoor and indoor lighting project of the structure. These LED tools allow lighting the surrounding characterising the pure and essential shape of e-QBO. LAM32 succeeded in becoming the partner of this ambitious project thanks to its custom “soul”.
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