The company Lam32 has realized a custom-cut lighting project for the big shopping centre “Dalma Mall” in Abu Dhabi, in the Emirates.
Inside this big store in Abu Dhabi, there was the necessity of realizing a set of suspended lighting plates, that, with different sizes, and placed at different highs, in random order, would re-create a refined scenographic effect of big impact. To answer to these exigencies, the Italian company have realized big size special tools, that have never been created before, succeeding in reducing the costs and the overall weight of the objects; this was possible thanks to a wise mechanical design and to a precise choice of the technologies and the architectural materials.The lighting objects diameter goes from 120 cm until 250 cm; despite being of a remarkable size, the tools belonging to the set called DISC, have been entirely realized in metal sheet of steel of 12/10 through a laser cut technology, press form, calendaring and Tig seam welding; eventually they were polyester powder coated to guarantee durability.
The LED sources that were used, guarantee important lighting levels and colour rendering Ra >90 with a reduced consume and a lifetime higher then 50.000 hours of continuous activity. Despite the bid diameters and reduced thickness of the tools, Lam32 could combine the use of power multiled circuit with specific diffusion screen that make it possible to maintain a high lighting efficiency, without perceiving the single sources.
The result is an incredible uniform effect on all the diffusing side and, as a consequence, a perceived high quality light.
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