Lam32 proved to be the ideal partner for the lighting project of Carnal Hall in Geneva,a space for creative aggregation created inside Institut Le Rosey, one of the most prestigious colleges in the world.
Carnal Hall, inaugurated on the 27 of June 2014, is a futuristic structure resembling a flying saucer crossed by a blade of light, resting on a green platform. Inside, it hosts a 900-seat auditorium, a theatre, a learning centre, design, art and cookery ateliers, and a photography lab: a space for creative aggregation destined to become the new cultural pole of Geneva.
In order to illuminate such an important and unique structure, it was necessary to create a range of custom-designed products, able to group different technological functions.
Lam32, thanks to a skilful mechanical design and a precise selection of employed technologies and architecture materials, was able to meet the needs of this particular project, creating a series of special appliances with a specific design and convenient large-sized magnetic support systems (up to 9 meters long), while holding down costs and the overall weight of the manufactured objects.
To create these special devices, the company used latest-generation LEDs with high chromatic output levels and dynamic control of luminous intensity, while enabling the coexistence of all the smoke detection systems and alarms of the whole building inside the body of the appliances.

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