A luminous “embrace”, a profile that wraps objects and architectures, radiating the side light beams that emphasise their particular details, transforming them into the absolute protagonists of the space in which they are. Flexible and sinuous, it fits into outdoor and indoor contexts with discretion, characterising them with a precious and irreplaceable atmosphere.

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Available configuration
Types of light emission
Certificates and requirements
Technical drawings
Download Version Code Length Lamp Lumen 2700K Lumen 3000K Lumen 4000K DW Lamp 2 RGBW Light beam Power supply
LED CURVE 04.104682 1500mm 18W 630 675 720 540 22,5W 255 .DI 24 VDC
LED CURVE 04.104683 3000mm 36W 1260 1350 1440 1080 45W 510 .DI 24 VDC
LED CURVE 04.104684 10000mm 120W 4200 4500 4800 3600 150W 1700 .DI 24 VDC

Luminaire designed for side accent lighting through installation on appropriate hidden housings or surfaces with a curved shape. Suitable for LED sources, it is made of a Kapton flexible circuit with SMD electronic components, coated with 2 layers of a specific silicon compound with differentiated density. Protection degree IP67. The luminaire can be installed using appropriate clips to be ordered separately or through adhesive with a low acetic content. The luminaire is supplied with rear cable output. It is equipped with a 1m long cable for connection to the 24VDCpower supply line. 24VDC Electronic driver to be ordered as an accessory.