Parks and gardens, public and private green areas to be lighted, paths to be realized with a performance and quality guaranteed over time. There is nothing safer and more solid than concrete, but when concrete is combined with excellent LED technology, it can only be CONCRETE. Impossible to uproot, impossible to ignore the constant and functional luminous flux of this series. Public and private, small or large, there is the right model for any project.

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Available configuration
Types of light emission
Certificates and requirements
  • 08 concrete
Technical drawings
Download Version Code Lamp Lumen 3000K Lumen 4000K Light beam Power supply
CONCRETE 1 05.101205 MULTILED VDC 4,8W 588 622 .DI 230 VAC
CONCRETE 2 05.101206 MULTILED VDC 9,6W 1176 1243 .DI 230 VAC
CONCRETE 3 05.101207 MULTILED VDC 14,4W 1764 1865 .DI 230 VAC

Luminaire designed for floor installation, suitable for LED source. It is made of an internal load-bearing structure in stainless steel englobed in concrete with high mechanical resistance. The product is incredibly shockproof and has a great resistance to acts of vandalism. LED module is made of anodized aluminum to ensure inalterability over time and maximum resistance against atmospheric agents. Transparent diffuser is in PMMA . Luminaire’s installation is allowed thanks to screws for direct fixing to the floor or appropriate flush fixing counter-plate in steel sheet with anchor bolts for concrete planting. The protection degree IP66 is ensured by a special waterproof cable gland. The integrated power supply allows its mains voltage power supply. It is equipped with a 50cm long neoprene cable for connection to the power supply line, through appropriate waterproof connection systems to be ordered separately.