To create a unique scenary and atmosphere for which marine life elements such as jellyfish had been able to capture the great energy of the sea turning it into "visible electricity" that the rocky bottom was surfaced and had become a sign of continuous light, the steps and the stone path, climbing on the two vertical baffles of two large totem in height 12mt steel.

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Project phases

Phase 1 / 2 Weeks

Feasibility Study

Analysis of the 5 different products to be realized.
Application Area Study and onerous of use.
Verification and choosing of technical solutions and raw materials.
Developing of  3D models and working demo.
Analyze of  timing and complexity of production.
Realization simplified of data sheets.
Product quotation.


Phase 2 / 2 Weeks


Random Lines of light recessed on carriageable light paths.
Continues cuts of light on risers and treads of stone steps.
Totem made of perforated stainless steel multi projectors, with high of 12mt.
Underwater Illuminators for fiber optics up to 10m.
Bright floating Jellyfish with 80cm diameter.

Phase 3 / 3 Weeks


Considering the very severe conditions of installation in to the salty water and also the  immersion installation  up to 9 mt depth, it was necessary to verify that all devices could resist in the best way  ensuring a long life.

Phase 4 / 3 Weeks


Considering the special design and complex realization of the requested products, we used non-conventional production methods and a very high precision as to ensure a great result to the designer and the final customer.

Phase 5


In order to realize an optimal installation of  the products with unique systems such as those developed in this project, it was essential the work of our staff that has produced many technical documents required to guide all the  installers with  precision.

Phase 6


As ensure that a complicated lighting system become an icon of style and great image for a tourist accommodation like the one in question, we taken care of every detail like all the individual light intensities of each device required by the lighting designers with who we have collaborated.