Realize a unique scenario where it was possible to use luminaires with a very compact dimensions and variable lengths up to 9,5mt with an integrating technological elements such as smoke detectors for fire detection, alarm sirens and adjustable projectors dedicated to the merchandising.

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Project phases

Phase 1 / 1 Weeks


Analysis of 7 different products to be realized.
Study of application areas, difficulties and mode of installation.
Checks and technical choices and raw materials solutions.
Developing of 3D models and working demo.
Timing Analysis and complexity of production.
Realization of simplified data sheets.
Study and Realization of Product prices.

Phase 2 / 2 Weeks


Linear Recessed on complete reinforced concrete floor slabs of fire detection sensors and alarm sirens up to lengths of 9,5mt one piece construction.
Special brackets designed for projecting installation on pillars in concrete of adjustable projectors.

Phase 3 / 1 Weeks


The request of the designer to create devices in "one piece" of varying lengths from 1,1mt to 9,5mt was very complicated. Indeed there was a very accurate technical study of metal structures of the different modules that should have be rigid and otherwise extremely flexible. The context for recessed installation, on floor pre-existing made entirely of reinforced concrete, would leave to see the imperfections of the same floor that is not leveled. The presence of many and depressions, obliged us to develop products with a specific installation system equipped with adjustable magnets that would allow the compensation necessary to follow most of the imperfections of the ceilings.

Phase 4 / 2 Weeks


The large size and the extreme lightness of the processed metal structures, have made, delicate and complex, all the different stages of assembly with the risk that the long products could be bend and break, even only in packaging stages.

Phase 5


LAM32, also in this project has proven to be the ideal partner for the  designer with an international reputation as Benard Tschumi, giving its ability to make possible its "dream of light" into reality, supporting all construction workers up to the perfect execution of the work.